Tax Advisory

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You can ask me anything related to taxes and your business.

I can assist you at every stage of a tax audit and I can take on the burden of contacting the tax authorities on your behalf and lead your case to a final (happy) ending.

I also represent Clients before the Voivodship Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court at each stage of the proceedings.

Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the obligation to prepare transfer pricing documentation.

VAT carousels and VAT fraud are one of the biggest threats to honest entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, as the dishonest contractors disappear, the tax authorities target the real business.

planowanie podatkowe msztax

Tax planning is not a crime. Everyone has the right to set up his/her business in a way that entails the lowest possible tax burdens. Tax planning does not assume that it is necessary to set up companies in a tax haven. It is often enough to use the locally available options (such as a system of reliefs and exemptions) to significantly reduce your taxes.

The key business decisions are usually accompanied by the conclusion of an appropriate contract. Each of these agreements has specific legal and tax implications.

Do you deal with cryptocurrencies? Are you a trader or a “hodler”? Do you know if you have to pay tax and if so how much? Are you actually aware of this “PCC” tax?

Tax law is changing a lot. We have become used to annual changes in the CIT, PIT and VAT law. At the same time, the number of changes is so great that it is hard to keep up with everything. The ideal solution is to participate in training conducted by those who have to be professionally “on the ball” with regard to the changes.