About me

Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód

I am Marcelina and I am a tax advisor and attorney. I deal with taxes in the cryptocurrency / blockchain and IT business. I help understand taxes in innovative industries. I believe that everyone should feel safe when dealing with offices and choose the rules of their settlement consciously. I educate and advise on how to run an innovative business in line with the law but at the same time in the most tax efficient way.

I am a Head of Tax at FinTaxLegal (FTL) legal office, where we advise our clients how to deal with regulatory issues of financial sector.

I educate through my blog, YT channel, and through webinars and trainings.


I advise during individual consultations and long-term cooperation.

I speak in your language – I know the difference between PoS, dPos and POW, you don’t need to explain play2earn principles to me. I understand that you can trade short and long term, and I will not be scared if you use the words on-chain, off-chain or swap while talking with me. I distinguish waterfall from agile methodology.

I do not use legalese in day-to-day cooperation, so you can easily understand what you can do and what you cannot do!

Below, you can find the list of matters I am dealing in day to day basis:

  • tax advisory for financial institutions and IT companies,
  • tax advisory on cryptobusiness (trading, minging, NFT, etc.)
  • ongoing tax advisory,
  • tax audits, custom and fiscal audits,
  • proceedings before administrative courts,
  • transfer pricing documentation,
  • protection against VAT carousel fraud,
  • tax optimisation,
  • transaction advisory,
  • cryptocurrencies & ICO,
  • tax and legal trainings,
  • drafting the contracts,
  • establishing the companies, branches.