About me

My name is Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód. I am a tax advisor and advocate. In my work, I advise how to navigate the complicated tax world and how to optimize your tax settlements in the best possible way.

I am into tax and legal services for almost last 10 years. I represent the clients during the tax audits and proceedings and before the administrative courts. I help to solve your tax problems.

I work with individuals, entrepreneurs and the companies. I have worked in diverse projects for companies for various sectors, including IT, crypto, MSE, energy and real estate.

Below, you can find the list of matters I am dealing in day to day basis:

  • ongoing tax advisory
  • tax audits, custom and fiscal audits
  • proceedings before administrative courts
  • transfer pricing documentation
  • protection against VAT carousel fraud
  • tax optimisation
  • transaction advisory
  • cryptocurrencies & ICO
  • tax and legal trainings,
  • drafting the contracts,
  • establishing the companies, branches.

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